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Covenant and Deed Restrictions
Quick Reference Guide


This is a general list and does not include many additional restrictions or specific details found in the official Covenants and Deed Restrictions so you are urged to review the complete document for your specific address to ensure compliance prior to making any changes or additions to your home or property.

Fences - Walls - Hedges - Screening Material

  1. All plans for walls, fences and other screening material shall be submitted for approval by your Architectural Control Committee (ACC) prior to construction.
  2. Any fence facing a street must be wrought iron or lattice brick.
  3. Side and back fences on most lots can be wood. Where a wood fence intersects with a wrought iron fence, stone or brick columns must be used at the point of intersection.
  4. All fencing on greenbelt lots must be wrought iron or lattice brick.
  5. No rear or side fence, wall, hedge or other screening material can exceed six (6) feet in height.


  1. No tree, even if dead or damaged, may be removed without prior approval. In the event a tree is removed without approval, the homeowner may be required by the Committee to replace the removed tree with one or more comparable trees of similar size and number, and in the locations as the Committee may determine necessary.
  2. To request approval, please complete the ACC Tree Removal Form.

Storage, Parking, and Repair of Vehicles

  1. All vehicles must be stored in the garage unless you and your family members utilize vehicles in excess of the garage bays available. No garage shall be used to store any material which would prohibit the use of the garage for the storage of not less than the required number of vehicles. For example, if you have three vehicles and three garage bays, all vehicles must be parked in the garage.
  2. Only if the number of vehicles exceeds the number of garage bays, up to two (2) additional vehicles belonging to the owner or resident family member may be parked in the driveway.
  3. Doors of the garage units shall remain closed except when entering or exiting or during periods of maintenance to the residence and at other reasonable and necessary times.
  4. Visitors/guests only may park on the street for up to twenty-four (24) hours.
  5. Work or repair of any automobile or other vehicle in the driveway or street other than work of a temporary nature is prohibited. “Temporary” is defined as up to 24 hours.

Prohibited Vehicles

  1. Commercial vehicles, vehicles with commercial writing on their exteriors, vehicles primarily used or designed for commercial purposes, tractors, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, trailers, campers, boats and other watercraft, and watercraft trailers shall be parked only in enclosed garages or areas, if any, designated by the WGC.
  2. Stored or inoperable vehicles are not permitted except within enclosed garages.

Trash Receptacles

  1. All exterior trash receptacles shall be located or screened so as to be concealed from view of neighboring lots, streets and property.
  2. Any screening material visible to the public must be of the same materials used in construction of the residence.
  3. Appropriate garbage and trashcans may be placed on the curb or other designated pickup location not more than twenty-four (24) hours prior to pickup and must be removed within twelve (12) hours after pickup.

Playground and Recreational Equipment

  1. No jungle gyms, swing sets, basketball hoops and backboards, similar playground equipment, tennis courts or other recreational equipment shall be erected or installed on any lot without prior written approval of your ACC.
  2. Any basketball hoops or backboards permitted by the ACC must not be visible from the street or any other public area.

Storage buildings

  1. No storage building of any type may be constructed or maintained on any lot within The Woods.


  1. All mailboxes in The Woods must be designed and constructed of materials described in the Covenants and Restrictions for your subdivision. Please review the Covenants and Deed Restrictions for your neighborhood. You may contact your ACC with any questions concerning these restrictions.

Retaining Walls

  1. Must be constructed of brick or stone.

Satellite Dishes and Antennas

  1. Satellite dishes less than one meter wide and TV antenna masts that reach less than 12 feet above a roofline are permissible.


  1. As a courtesy to your neighbors, please remember to always pick up after your dogs when walking them. This includes vacant lots or houses, the street and all common areas.
  2. For the safety of your pets, they should not be permitted to run at large, but should be kept under control by leash or chain.
  3. Habitually barking, howling or yelping pets should be addressed by the owner so that everyone can enjoy their outdoor activities.