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Pet Registration

If you are a member of the Woods Garden Club and own one or more pets, we invite you to register your pet(s) on our Pet Registry. Many times when pets are lost they are still in the neighborhood and a concerned neighbor has taken it in for safety. Having your pet(s) registered on this site might enable your pet to be returned to you much sooner. If you find a lost pet, please review the on-line registry first to see if you can identify the owner. If you do not find the pet listed in the registry, please post information about the pet on the Lost and Found section. If one of your precious pets is lost or missing, please post details, including a description and a picture if possible, in the Lost and Found section immediately. If you need assistance obtaining a digital photo of your pet, please contact us.

Please remember though to always keep a collar on your pet and make sure the ID tag has current information. As an additional precaution, you might want to write your name and phone number on the back of the collar in permanent marker as often tags get lost. This is extremely important in case of a catastrophe. After the hurricanes, many people were unable to find their pets due to lack of identification. It's very upsetting when our pets are missing and these actions can make it easier to re-unite pets and their owners.

Please register your pet(s) using the form below. Also, attach a recent photo of your pet in either jpg, gif, zip, or rar format. Information in this registry is only available to registered Woods Garden Club members and will not be loaned, sold or provided to any individual or organization.

If you have more than one pet to register, please make multiple submissions. Thanks for helping us protect your pet(s) or return one to its family!

Pet Registration Form

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