The Woods Garden Club

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is the Woods Garden Club?
    • The Woods Garden Club is the homeowners association for over 525 homes in several neighborhoods throughout The Woods development. For more information about the Woods Garden Club, click here.
  2. When and where are the Association's meetings?
    • The Woods Garden Club has regularly scheduled monthly meetings and an annual meeting. For more information about the meetings, please click here.
  3. Who do I contact if I have a question about my HOA dues?
    • For questions about dues, please contact our Property Manager, East Texas Community Management, at 903-705-4777.
  4. Who do I contact about pool keys?
    • If you need a new or replacement pool key, please contact East Texas Community Management at 903-705-4777. Our community pool, located on Woods Blvd, is open to members in good standing of the Woods Garden Club. Please review and understand the Pool Rules before using the pool.
  5. What if I have a dead tree or just want to remove a tree from my property?
    • No tree, even if dead or damaged, may be removed without prior approval. To request approval, please contact the Property Manager.
  6. A streetlight by my house is out. How can I get it fixed?
  7. Do I need approval to make any changes to my landscaping or the exterior of my home?
    • Yes. All members of the Woods Garden Club are subject to the Covenants and Deed Restrictions for their neighborhood. Please review these regulations prior to planning any changes. Also, you must complete an ACC form , requesting approval from the Architectural Control Committee prior to starting any changes or renovations.
  8. How do I report a deed restriction violation?
    • If you see a violation of the Covenants and Deed Restrictions, please contact our Property Manager by clicking here.
  9. Why don't we have any neighborhood socials or events like community garage sales or neighborhood parties?
    • The Woods Garden Club is an all-volunteer organization. Your Board fully supports the idea of socials and community events, but we need volunteers to work with the Board to make these things happen. Your Board asks any members who are interested in volunteering their time and talent for this or several other projects to contact us to discuss.
  10. What should I do if I have a problem with this website or would like to have something added to the site?
    • If you have questions/concerns or comments about using the site or with content on the site, please contact the Webmaster.
  11. What should I do if I see or am the victim of an act of vandalism or see a suspicious person in my neighborhood?
    • You should contact the Tyler Police immediately. For immediate response – suspicious person or criminal act in process – call 911. If the problem doesn't warrant a 911 call, you can call the police non-emergency number at 903-531-1000.
  12. What can I do to prevent people coming to my house trying to sell me something?
    • Because The Woods is an open community and not gated, we cannot prohibit all solicitation. We do have 'No Solicitation' signs at most entrances, but there is no legal enforcement behind them. As outlined in this City of Tyler Ordinance, the one recourse homeowners do have is to place a sign in a conspicuous location on or around your front door indicating you don't want to be disturbed or solicited. Should someone ignore this sign, you are then permitted to contact the Tyler PD. In addition, all solicitation is prohibited before 10AM, after sunset Monday-Saturday, and all day on Sunday. Also, solicitation is prohibited on most major holidays (New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day) You can get the Tyler PD involved should you be solicited at any of these prohibited times.
  13. Who is our Tyler City Councilman?
    • Our City Councilman is Bob Westbrook. He can be reached at His office number at 903-531-1250 and his cell number is 903-352-7822.
  14. With all the fiber optic installation going on in The Woods, who should I contact regarding damage to my property?
    • The contact person at the City of Tyler is Burren Reed. He can be reached at 903-531-1136. He is handling all reports about damage done to property by the fiber optic cable contractors.
  15. Is there a contact available to report issues regarding the railroad tracks that cross Old Bascom Road at Kent Drive?
    • To report a problem or emergency to Union Pacific Railroad, call 1-800-848-8715. Use the crossing number 426730D as the reference for the location.