The Woods Garden Club

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HOA News

Pool News

The pool is now officially OPEN as of August 1, 2020.

Facebook Group

Anyone interested in keeping up with possible pool closures, lost and found items, or any other topic related to our pool, please join our Facebook Group. Go to Facebook and search for The Woods Garden Club Community Pool Group and join this group.

Board News

The WGC HOA Board has contracted with East Texas Community Management to provide property management and Virginia D. Clark, CPA to provide financial management for our HOA.

At each monthly WGC Board meeting, the property manager presents the current financial status of our HOA to the board. This information is available to all homeowners. If you'd like a copy of the latest financial report, you may request it by going to the Contact Us page, select Request Financial Report as the Subject, provide the additional contact information requested, then click Submit. You'll receive the latest report via email.

Homeowner News

Wild Hogs

We are entering that time of year when wild hogs can become a problem in our neighborhood. One way we can help reduce the attraction of wild hogs to our property is by removing food from your deer feeders. Unfortunately, the same food that brings those beautiful deer to our backyards also attracts hungry hogs. It would be helpful to the neighborhood by abstaining from putting food in your deer feeders for the next few months.

Board News

Grass Clippings

There have been several reports of homeowners and lawn services blowing grass clippings into the streets. Please be aware this is not only a violation of our neighborhood covenants, but is also considered a Class C Misdemeanor by the City of Tyler. Please properly dispose of your clippings.


The Woods Garden Club Newsletter is normally published once a year and mailed to homeowners with their annual invoice for dues. The Newsletter is used to communicate news and events of the Woods Garden Club to its members. If you have any questions or comments about information contained in the newsletter, please feel free to contact the board. Current and prior newsletters are available below.

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Date Minutes
noteWinter Newsletter - December 2015
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noteWinter Newsletter - December 2014
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noteWinter Newsletter - December 2013
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