The Woods Garden Club

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The Woods Garden Club HOA

The Woods Garden Club is the Homeowners’ Association or HOA for over 525 homes in several neighborhoods throughout The Woods development. As shown on the map, most units in The Woods and the following neighborhoods are included in The Woods Garden Club:

  • Broadmoore
  • Brighton Creek
  • Oak Tree Village
  • River Oaks
  • Stonebrook
  • The Ridge at The Woods

The Woods Garden Club HOA is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization. The active participation and assistance of the residents of our community is essential to reaching the goals and objectives of the Association. When discussing Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs), most people immediately think of covenant enforcement and violations. While this is an important and necessary function of any HOA, much more is required to create a quality environment for all members of Association and to ultimately help maintain and improve the value of your property. The Woods Garden Club endeavors to promote the common good and general welfare of all residents. Association goals include improving safety, preserving and enhancing the environment, fostering a sense of community, and ensuring our homeowners’ goals and opinions are heard by city and county agencies. Your HOA includes a Board of Directors and several Committees whose members are volunteers from within the community dedicated to meeting these goals. Your Board also works with a management company that provides the daily commitment needed to support the business of the Association.

Your Board of Directors, which includes a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and two at-large directors meet at regularly scheduled monthly meetings, which are open to all homeowners, to make decisions necessary for the Association. Board members are elected for two-year terms by the HOA membership at the annual meeting and are subject to the By-Laws of the Association. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is selected by the Board and is responsible for compliance with the architectural standards detailed in the Covenants and Deed Restrictions for all non-gated Woods Garden Club neighborhoods.

While your Board has overall policy, operational and financial responsibility for the Association, the Board contracts with a Property Management Company to manage the day-to-day business of the Association. The Property Manager has a long list of responsibilities that can be summarized as common area maintenance, business and finance, and covenant compliance. Common area maintenance includes oversight of our community pool, general upkeep, maintenance, mowing and landscaping of our common areas, streetlights and street signs, seasonal color and holiday lighting. Business and finance includes collection of annual dues, invoicing, contracting for services, bill payment, insurance and indemnification and financial reporting. Covenant compliance includes notification and monitoring of reported violations. Expenses associated with these activities and other services or programs are paid for by annual assessments from individual homeowners in The Woods Garden Club. If you have any questions or concerns regarding property management, please contact our Property Manager.

Your Board serves at the pleasure of this great community and looks forward to contributing to the growth and development of one of Tyler’s best neighborhoods. For questions about The Woods Garden Club community or this Association, please contact your Board. If you find incorrect information posted on this site or have any questions about the website, please contact the webmaster.