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The Woods Garden Club ACC Form
Application for Exterior Home Improvements and Modifications

This application must be completed and submitted for all exterior improvements and modifications. Please complete the application in its entirety by entering the required information in the form below. Upon completion, click on the Submit Application button at the bottom of the form. Shortly after you've submitted the form, you should receive a copy of the completed form at the email address you provided in the application.

Upon receipt of the form, the ACC will review the application in conjunction with the governing documents. The ACC has up to thirty (30) days to review and respond to each application, but the committee makes a best effort to render a decision sooner. If the application meets approved guidelines, the ACC will approve your project. Should any questions arise, the ACC will contact the applicant to discuss. The ACC's purpose is to ensure the project will not only benefit the applicant, but also comply with acceptable standards for construction and appearance.

If your request is for tree removal only, go to the Tree Removal page and complete that form instead.

Contact Information

City State Zip
Email Address Phone Number

Project and Contractor Information

Name of Project
Projected Start Date
Planned Completion Date
Contractor Name (if used)
Contractor Address, City, State
Contractor Office Number
Contractor Cell Number
Contractor Email Address

Plans / Map / Survey

Site Plan or Survey:

* Landscaping * Swimming Pool * Fence * Lighting
* Walks * Drainage * Drives * Spas
* Patio * Retaining Wall * Tree Removal * Other

Additions to Home:

The remodeling of a home that changes the elevation or footprint of the home will require the submission of two sets of engineered construction plans with your application.

Exterior Alterations:

Items altering the exterior appearance of the home, yard, or improvements will require the submission of necessary visual tools to represent a true and clear picture of the project. Examples of this change could be the addition of a statue or water feature, or plans to remove trees.

Measurements and Dimensions:

All projects require exact dimensions including height, length, and width. Please make sure to sketch your project approximately to scale.

Other Special Maps / Sketches / Renderings:

Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary for an owner to create a drawing to represent a project, installation, or alteration. Your detailed presentation to the ACC will expedite your request through the approval process.

Detailed Written Description of Project

Describe the project in clear and concise terms. Explain how you or your contractor will complete the project. The ACC is available to assist you during the course of your project and will help ensure the work proceeds on schedule with minimal impact to adjoining properties. Please describe the nature of the project and the intent of the homeowner regarding the completion of the project. Please describe your project in your own words and in enough detail to draw a clear and concise picture of what you are hoping to accomplish.

Questions Regarding the Project

The goal of the Architectural Control Committee is to maintain the value and appearance of our properties and community. Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. You must obtain the necessary approval and required permits from the City of Tyler prior to beginning your project. Additionally, building materials and/or color samples must be submitted with this application for ACC review. Failure to submit material and/or color samples with this application will delay your project.

Will this project meet City of Tyler Ordinances / Codes?  Yes  No  N/A
Will this project be visible from the street?  Yes  No  N/A
Will a Building Permit be necessary for this project?  Yes  No  N/A
If "Yes", have you applied for the permit?  Yes  No  N/A
If "Yes", have you obtained approval of the permit?  Yes  No  N/A
Will this project effect neighbors adjacent to your home?  Yes  No  N/A
Do you have samples of materials / colors ready to submit?  Yes  No  N/A
Will this project require engineered plans / drawings?  Yes  No  N/A
Do you have copies of plans prepared for submission to ACC?  Yes  No  N/A
Will any trees on your property need to be removed?  Yes  No  N/A
Will digging in the yard(s) be necessary?  Yes  No  N/A
If "Yes", who will mark the utilities?
Name        Phone Number